Short Films

Wilhelm & Son

They say babies can see the supernatural, entities just beyond our realm, the other side. What spirits does this baby see?

Jammed out for fun and to break a long dry spell, this is our submission for the 2017 15 Second Horror Challenge!

Written & Directed by: D. Zack Culver

Knock Knock

Knock Knock is our first "official" short film made under the Apocalypse Pirate moniker. This was a zero dollar production adapted from a 'two sentence short story' meme that originated on Reddit. It was also the first short we ever had accepted to a short film festival with the DMOFF selection. It was also showcased in a Fright Days volume and is marking our international debut with the Romanian Short & To The Point film festival!

Written by: Ryan McHugh

Directed by: D. Zack Culver

Trick or treat

Trick Or Treat was our seasonal offering from last year and is currently making rounds in some short film festivals and horror conventions. The directorial debut of Gabrielle Roman will make you think twice about answering the door this year.

Written & Directed by: Gabrielle Roman

Kiss of blood

Not truly a short film this was one of our earliest projects and remains a personal favorite. Shot for the UK Theater Department, this was a interesting way of marketing their stage production o Kiss Of Blood by producing a movie style trailer. All performances were a packed house. This one was a lot of fun to shoot.

Directed by: Erica Chappell

The chase

We're including The Chase to round things out a bit and showcase the short film that started it all. A student project in an Audio/Video class this goofly little project rekindled the filmmaker flames and set us on the path of creating Apocalypse Pirate Motion Picture Company.

Written & Directed by: D. Zack Culver