Apocalypse Pirate


let us be your marketing department

Airtime is expensive and cable is dying. Why shell out over a thousand dollars to have people fast forward through your DVR'd commercial? You're already going straight to your demographic with social media. Combine classic marketing strategy with the online world we live in with an affordable digital commercial!

What kind of commercial do you want?

there are lots of options

If you want a traditional 30 second commercial that you could potentially put on television, we can do that. If you want a 10 second motion graphics attention grabber to catch the eye of that turbo-thumb Facebook scroller, we can do that. If you want to engage with your customers in a weekly webshow, we can do that. You let us know what you need.

For the past 5 years we have produced a weekly webshow for local comic book shop, Collectibles Etc., and it has become something of a staple of the local comic book collectors scene.

Is a weekly webshow right for you?

more than just commercials

Commercials pay the bills and fund new films. So more so than just getting a good deal on video services you're making a contribution to the arts. We've produced a few short films over the past few years but our bragging rights are currently focused on Knock Knock and Trick Or Treat. To microshorts produced on nothing budgets currently making the rounds of a few film festivals.